Mr. Andras Germ
Mr. Andras GermChairman – Director of Joint Operation

Open Letter

“Often seen in urban management sector construction projects in Vietnam, many well-known companies, with experience in Vietnam has long laid the foundation, but over a period of operation, so far, many of these companies did not meet the needs of the investors are getting tougher, quality management more closely. With many causes from the fact that these companies have no training qualified workers to meet the requirements of the investors. Or from the cause of a number of companies are expanding the scale too large lead to the lack of strict control, professional.

To grasp the needs of the investor, and recognized to be necessary and sufficient elements of market-building construction project manager, The Joint Operation ASTRA – HASMAN is a perfect combination of the two members activities in the field of construction management for members with experience. This combination between a foreign company, lead by Mr. Andras who has been active in the field of construction project managers follows French’s standard in several years in Vietnam, with a lot of large projects, there the enormity of the well-known investors. On the other side, a Vietnamese company has driven development in both depth and breadth, the scale of the company is up to nearly 100 employees, operating in many different sectors, the construction project manager is a spearhead.”

Vision: Becoming an international leading management consultant company in Vietnam
Mission: Bring out the best quality of the construction building for the Investors.
Core values: Quality of service and human resources decide the existence and development of the Joint Operation.


– Supervision of construction and finishing of civil and industrial.
– Supervising the construction of Transport works, irrigation and technical infrastructure.
– Supervise construction of transmission line and substation to 35KV
– Investment Advisory (setting investment projects: construction bidding Consulting: Project Management) the civil construction, industrial, infrastructure, transport, power, irrigation and environmental protection bare.
– Consulting project: design of civil structures and industrial.
– Evaluation and verification of structural design projects, the total cost estimate and finalization of construction works.
– Quality inspection of construction projects: Certification of conformity of quality of construction works.
– Consulting up bidding documents and analysis, evaluation of tenders design consultancy, building construction: procurement and installation of equipment construction: Consulting environmental impact assessment for the quality of civil construction, industrial, transportation, irrigation, infrastructure and environmental hygiene: advice testing and verification for demolition, liquidation, renovated old building works new works.
– Verify and evaluate the results of tenders at design consultancy, construction, procurement and installation of equipment or construction work.
– Design construction and civil engineering industry.
– Design construction of urban infrastructure.
– Architectural design work.
– Designing of irrigation works.
– Design lines and substations up to 35kV.